The Walking Bus

The Walking Bus is an exciting initiative in North-West Sydney that encourages children to walk to school in a safe and healthy way, a simple activity with many benefits. The Walking Bus provides a safe, healthy and enjoyable way for children to walk to and from school with parental supervision.

Each Walking Bus walks along a set route with at least one volunteer parent-driver picking up children at designated stops and walking them to school. The Walking Bus Stops are meeting points along the route where the children get on the bus. The process is reversed in the afternoon, led by a volunteer parent- drivers of people rather than a motorized bus! The waling bus is a group of people who are the bus and their feet are the wheels of the bus.

Benefits of The Walking Bus:

  • Provides supervision for children whose parents cannot take them to school
  • Encourages safe walking to school
  • Ensures regular exercise for children & volunteer parents
  • Greatly reduces traffic congestion around schools caused by cars dropping-off children
  • Promotes closer relationships between children and responsible adults
  • Creates a sense of community
  • Promotes environmental awareness
  • Allows parents to share the responsibility of walking their children to school with others